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Heartbreak Hotel banner made by FerlaV


The gorgeous, talented FerlaV made this banner for Heartbreak Hotel. I still don’t know how she manages to juggle several projects at the same time while taking time out to make banners. But all I want to say is that I admire her – she is one talented and amazing woman.



The lovely FerlaV took time out of her busy schedule to create this banner for my WIP Because the Night. I really don’t know where and how she finds the time to write, make banners and adminster the FanFicAholics Anon FB site. She’s remarkable, that woman.

I absolutely love this banner and I’m not embarassed to admit that I fell into a swoon when I saw what this wonderfully creative woman made. She took my words and created a visual world. I love her confident handling of the darker shades of the palette. I’m particularly impressed with the way she created this banner through several layers – the way she foregrounds the two characters against a dark, dystopian world leaves me in awe.  

You should check out her work.  Thank you so much FerlaV.