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Another useful post about shifting your perspective in your piece of writing.

Useful post for writers who want a synopsis of the different POVs and narrative styles. I highly recommend it!


The Daily Post

“Point of view” or “narrative mode” describes the pronouns used when writing a story. At the most basic level, the points of view can be broken down as follows:

First personI, we
Second personyou
Third personhe, she, it, they

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This was one piece of advice I was given and have, in turn, given:

Should you desire great tranquility,
prepare to sweat white beads.

~ Hakuin

English: Tranquility by the Lake Bohinj

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I really should have paid more attention to this NaBloPoMo.

The Blog

As November wanes, we’re nearing the end of the 13th National Blog Posting Month, better known as NaBloPoMo. Every single day, participants are firing up their blogs and writing on every topic under the sun in a marathon of self-expression. Are you one of them? If you are looking for more background or inspiration, this is the post for you.


Across this month, NaBloPoMo bloggers have been writing about . . .

The importance of hanging on

As with every creative challenge, the key to a successful NaBloPoMo is stamina, determination, and a cool head. If you are looking for an apt analogy, try rock-climbing, courtesy of “A Good Day” from A Month of Mindful Blogging:


Power, technique and fitness all play their part but reigning supreme over them all is the climber’s head. Fact: your technique goes to pot if your head is not…

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