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Photon-Swan Song for the Moon

An angler spotted a swan with its head underwater apparently dabbling for food. Some time later, he saw the bird still in the same position and naturally, grew curious.

When he went to investigate further, he found that a giant pike had seized the swan by the head and tried to drag it under. The swan had resisted and the pike had refused to let go.

In the end, this tug of war ended. Both swan and pike had died.


People often lament the fact that there is so little compassion in the world and that humans are capable of so much hate and cruelty.

The really remarkable fact is that there is so much compassion – we have a surfeit of it if only we allow it into ourselves.

People will make sacrifices to help those who are homeless and starving in places they have barely heard of. The will willingly give food to creatures of another species, even when they don’t intend to eat them later!

Compassion and kindliness are not exotic flowers – they are the daisies of the human mind.

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I’m participating. #26Acts of Kindness
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A Healthy Dose of V

So we all know what happened last Friday. Everyone knows. I find it very difficult to talk about, namely because my older son is 6 years old, and it is an automatic reaction to place yourself in that situation. It is unbearable. It is easier for me to avoid the coverage and discussion in order to save my own sanity. So I have.

Last night on The Voice, the entire cast did an opening number of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. They happened to do my favorite verses (not the popularly-used ones, after the initial one). Each performer was holding a card with the name and age of a victim. That made me lose my shit. Seeing it in black and white is the most difficult thing, ever. I spent the rest of the 90 minutes basically sobbing. Hell, as I sit here recounting it, I need a tissue.

This morning…

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Seductive Death


What’s going on here? In our society, we seem to have become preoccupied with eternal life, death and preserving youthfulness. We have immortal vampires, zombies, angels, demons and various permutations of youth and life eternal. Photoshop, botox, silicon, along with a plethora of ways of going under the surgical knife, all of which I’ve lost count of.


Is death the ultimate taboo? People are taking seriously scientific advances that will allow us to live longer, if not forever, then at least much longer than before. What sort of society would this be if this became possible? Would this be a world that is stagnant? Would such a world allow the possibility of growth? Doesn’t growth come from death, from facing one’s mortality? Doesn’t growth come from encountering otherness? And isn’t death the great otherness?


Life and death are not two things; they are one.  That is why the Hindus, for instance, saw Shiva as both Creator and Destroyer.


We recoil from death but we are foolish to do so. When the time is right, we should embrace it.








Angry Talk (Comic Style)

Because we are fearful and are unable to eradicate our fears, we get angry.

Anger is a way of  making us feel better about ourselves and less afraid. That’s why inadequate people become bullies.

It’s easy to be angry. It’s easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush of anger. It is hard to stop anger and, like all other emotions, if you try to suppress it, you’ll only make it worse.

The way of mindfulness is not to attach ourselves to emotions. It is just anger; it is not your anger. You don’t have to hang on to it. If you examine it calmly it will, like all other thoughts that pass through your mind, disappear.


Everyone and everything can be your teacher.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. But do not suppose your teacher will be a wise old monk in a saffron robe.

When you have the right understanding, teachers will appear in even the unlikeliest places.

phragmites communis

Logic is great for certain processes, but quite useless for others.

We need to use all of our mental tools to build anything worthwhile.

What would you think of a carpenter who only used a hammer?


If you keep your heart transparent

you will never be bound.

But one disturbing thought creates

ten thousand distractions.

If you let many things capture your

attention you’ll go astray.

How painful it is to see people so

wrapped up in themselves!

~ Ryokayayana