Poem of the day 23rd June 2010

Posted: June 24, 2010 by gustafhesse in Poem of the day

The Shot

Elizabeth Jennings


The bullet shot me and I lay

So calm beneath the sun, the trees

Shook out their shadows in the breeze

Which carried half the sky away.


I did not know if I was dead,

A feeling close to sleep lay near

Yet through it I could see the clear

River and grass as if in bed.


I lay and watched the morning come

Gentle behind the blowing stuff

Of curtains, but the pain was rough,

Not fitting to a sunlit room.


And I am dying, then, I thought,

I felt them lift me up and take,

What seemed my body. Should I wake

And stop the darkness in my throat


And break the mist before my eyes?

I felt the bullet’s leaps and swerves,

And none is loved as he deserves

And death is a disguise.




  1. slpmartin says:

    What an interesting poem…so engaging in its tone…well done.

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