Ultio by 22blue

Posted: June 22, 2010 by gustafhesse in Fan Fiction Corner, Reviews, Twilight, Twilight, Vampires
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Ultio by 22blue is an amazing, well-written story with a twist to the vampire-human tale. 

This is a fan fic that uses Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga as a springboard and takes the leap into a far darker world. Ultio makes me clap my hands in glee and chuckle darkly. It has all the right ingredients: dark games, a twisted vengeful vampire (Edward), and a woman (Bella) who is the object of obsession and vengeance. All is not as it seems. The story is well told, gradually evolves with a story arc which will undoubtedly surprise readers with how it ends.  

For those readers of Twilight Fan Fiction who are accustomed to an HEA – don’t read this. If you expect a generic happy ever after ending where the protagonists of the tale ride off into the sunset hand-in-hand, don’t read Ultio. This story is gleefully awash with bloodshed, carnage and serial deaths. However, if you expect a Peckinpah style ‘happy ending’ where there is bloodshed, redemption and remorse, then read this.   

Edward, the vampire, is unlike the sparkly vamp of the Twilight Sage. Here, in Ultio, he is delightfully mad, bad and depraved. The story charts his descent downwards into depraved obsession and vengeance. It is a page turner, for me at least. 

Edward in Ultio is dark and bitter – just the way I like my coffee too. And if I was a vampire, I’d probably be chuckling darkly into my Klaus Kinski Dracula cape. The plot thickens as the story progresses and we, the readers, are often left wondering: Will Edward succeed in his dark plans? Will he ever feel guilt and remorse? Or will he remain an obstinate, bitter and twisted vampire. has a long road to travel before he even admits to his guilt.  

But it is fascinating that Edward is attracted to Cash’s Hurt. Intriguing indeed as Cash’s lyrics is about guilt, acknowledgement of wrongdoings, sins and the subsequent search for redemption. 

Bella’s complexity and conflicted responses to Edward’s humiliations fascinated me. I often found myself wondering if she does actually hold the reins of power in this twisted ‘relationship’? Is she actually stronger than Edward realise? When will she ‘wake up’ to herself? All these fascinating themes are explored in Ultio. If I haven’t made myself clear, just let me say it now: go read it! Now. 

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5407229/1/ 

Opening paragraph from Ultio: He was neither a hero nor a villain – not in his mind, although to everyone who knew him or he had come in contact with he was one or the other and most often considered the villain. But not to her. Never to her, despite what he had done to her, the terrible things he had put her through and made her think. He kept expecting her to break, to turn into an empty shell just like him, yet she never did. She loved him. She was in love with him. It never failed to both amaze and humble him.

  1. wilkravitz says:

    Oh ye of little faith. There is a reality where vampires have always been forces of good and change in the world. They take the life of those unfit to live. And via tiny droplets of their blood provide life to those who might otherwise lose it. Enemies have always spread lies about them. Inquisitions attempted to exterminate them. But they endure. And we could not survive without them any more than the vast herds of grass-eaters in Africa could thrive without the lions. Google one thousand year old Spanish vampire in Philadelphia. Break through the thin, candy glaze separating fact from fiction.

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