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You, Eric Northman, know you’ve arrived when:

1. Women the world over want to know more about what vampires and Vikings, and even start taking classes on Swedish. You find this amusing when Old Norse would be the surest way into your heart.

2. Women fall head over heels with your character in Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries. Overnight, your name appears in hundreds of fansites, Facebook pages, and over 1,572 fan fiction. You light up the electronic ether with heated female chatter. They muse longingly about what it’s like to be with a Viking vampire. Suddenly, being a heart-stopping 6′ 4” blonde haired and blue-eyed Viking, devilish rake and heart-breaker and unrepentant blood-thirsty vampire warrior is considered the hippest thing to happen ever since vampires started stalking amongst the humans.  

3. You have a TV show, True Blood, dedicated to breathing life into being a 1000-year-old vampire. A relatively unknown Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard, is given the role of performing a Viking vampire and he gets mistaken for the real deal. He in turn sets hearts a-fluttering and chatrooms alight with hungry gossip about any snippets of information they can get on him, even if it’s about the latest designer sunglasses he’s wearing.

4. Female fans have heated debates about Alan Ball. The fans just can’t decide whether Alan Ball made a big mistake when he had your blonde locks shorn. No longer are you a true-blue Viking; you’re reduced to a celebrity character on a TV show and fall prey to the whims and vagaries of modern tastes. No wonder you want to kick-start a berserker rage, armed with your broadsword and shield.

5. Fans of True Blood and Twilight start polls on who is the No. 1 vampire. You find it insulting that comparisons are made between you, a 1000-year-old Viking vampire, and a sparkly vampire who you consider is barely out of his diapers.

Yes, you know you have arrived. And you know that you no longer need to hide in the dark corners fearing for the stake. Now, you can earily turn on your charm, cock your eyebrow and smirk and women are happy to be lured into your red Corvette to sate your never-ending thirst.